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Resume templates

  • Student resume (Word, 58 KB)
  • Student resume (PDF, 209 KB)
  • Apprentice resume (Word, 29 KB)
  • Apprentice resume (PDF, 209 KB)
  • University graduate resume (Word, 52 KB)
  • University graduate resume (PDF, 211 KB)

Cover letter templates

  • Student cover letter (Word, 15 KB)
  • Student cover letter (PDF, 72 KB)
  • Apprentice cover letter (Word, 16 KB)
  • Apprentice cover letter (PDF, 84 KB)
  • University graduate cover letter (Word, 18 KB)
  • University graduate cover letter (PDF, 147 KB)



  • How to write an effective entry-level resume
  • 3 tips on formatting your resume
  • Helpful questions when seeking resume feedback
  • Using feedback to improve your resume
  • 15 questions to help write strong achievements

Cover letters

  • A good cover letter is more important than you think
  • What kinds of cover letters are there?
  • How to respond to key selection criteria

Application forms

  • 9 tips for completing job application forms

Job interviews

  • Job interview tips
  • Tips to prepare for your digital interview